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Flowerglow fairy lights use LED bulbs, these emit the same warm glow as traditional fairy lights but last for up to 50, 000 hours, wheres as incandescent bulbs usually average just 1500 hours.


Battery operated fairy lights yield multiple advantages over their electrical counterparts. Since you’re not dependent on a plug or extension cords, the lights be placed anywhere. Battery operated fairy lights are all so much safer.


We are pleased to say FREE delivery is applied to every order! Flowerglow products can be sent anywhere in the UK. Your order will be delivered right to your door at no extra charge. It doesn’t get easier than that

  • Earth Tone Rattan Fairy Lights

    Our beautiful Earth Tone Rattan Ball LED Fairy Lights are the epitome of earthiness with their alternating pale beige and deep brown tones... cThe neutral tones have been known to convey a sense of peace and calm, as well as giving off a sense of reliability. A wonderful choice for any setting.  

  • Purple Tone Globe LED Fairy Lights

    The variety of hues in this arrangement run the gamut from a dynamically cheeky rosy purple all the way to an off white.The vividness our Purple tone globe Battery Operated LED Fairy lights displays will permeate the atmosphere of any setting with an incredible vitality that is almost palpable. These stunning globes are an excellent choice for a girls night, or…

  • On sale!Purple Orchid Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
    Purple Orchid Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
    Purple Orchid Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
    Purple Orchid Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights

    Our Purple Orchid Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights are beautifully pieced together by hand one petal at a time. Each set requires a whole day to complete and this excellent craftsmanship really does show in the finished product. This attention to detail makes for what is a truly stunning set of lights that will brighten any…

  • On sale!White Rattan Fairy Lights

    The off white colouring of our White Rattan Ball Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights give them a superior amount of versatility in their usage. Everyone loves to dress a party up in a sophisticated manner, but no one wants to have to buy new decorations for every single theme. With this set, you can be assured they…