Rattan Ball Fairy Lights

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  • Purple Rattan LED Fairy Lights

    Our Purple rattan ball Battery Operated LED Fairy lights are a foolproof choice when seeking embellishments for a celebration. The chic design is an ideal selection for a gathering of business acquaintances for drinks by the pool, a family gathering or just as a relaxing adornment around the railing of your deck.

  • multi-colour-rattan-2

    A rainbow of hues is seen in our delightful multi colour rattan ball LED Fairy lights! These are a sure fire hit with people of all ages, they will draw the eye and lend a certain vigor and excitement to the gathering! Use these when you are holding a children's party or just to breathe some…

  • Earth Tone Rattan Fairy Lights

    Our beautiful Earth Tone Rattan Ball LED Fairy Lights are the epitome of earthiness with their alternating pale beige and deep brown tones... cThe neutral tones have been known to convey a sense of peace and calm, as well as giving off a sense of reliability. A wonderful choice for any setting.  

  • Purple Tone Rattan Fairy Lights

    The deep royal Purple and off White of our Purple & White Rattan Ball LED Fairy Lights speaks of power plays and intrigue and hints of fanciful notions. The ideal choice when you are on the lookout for an impeccable finishing touch for an important social gathering, or to create an engaging atmosphere for a late night swim with…

  • Night Tone Rattan Ball LED Fairy Lights

    Our Night Tone Rattan Ball Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights have been crafted in the colours of the night. With stunning blue, purple and white shades, you can create a variety of moods... From background lighting for a romantic evening for two or put them to use as a backdrop for a social gathering, imbuing it with…

  • On sale!White Rattan Fairy Lights

    The off white colouring of our White Rattan Ball Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights give them a superior amount of versatility in their usage. Everyone loves to dress a party up in a sophisticated manner, but no one wants to have to buy new decorations for every single theme. With this set, you can be assured they…